Leading AI for Commercial Insurance  with Advanced Machine Learning. 

Know  your risks within 24 hours. 


Mobotory ML Platform 

Improves Profitability

Our data predictor is a dynamic analytical infrastructure using algorithms and machine learning (AI) to identify and predict probable problematic risk for potentially high loss, excessive litigation or other costs. We apply machine learning and statistical modeling methods to client data, then integrate it with external data sources.

We discover trends and turn data into insights.

Our suite of products can be used end to end or incorporated into your current BI systems such as Board, Tableau or MS BI.


End to End Solutions

From Worker’s Compensation intake to processing general liability claims, we have a solution that integrates with your insurance company, TPA or your own system if self insured.  Lower your risk with complete & accurate defense files, reduced settlement costs, faster resolution, and proactive risk reduction.


Manage Claims

General Liability or Worker’s Compensation Claim cost prediction, rapid settlements, and more accurate premium settings.  Reduce manual, resource intensive reporting time by streamlining your clients claims and flagging problematic claims within 48 hours automatically.


Assess Current & Future Risk

Transparency of claim and risk activity. Site scoring helps accurately set policy, model future risk and price prior to contracting or comparison for sales retention.  Better allocate risk and premium cost among different sites.


Cost Reductions

Our QSR client was able to reduce claim counts, settlement costs and legal fee by 90%.


Reductions in losses

Clients have reduced their General Liability and  Workers Compensation losses by over 30%. 


Reduction in Closeout Time 

Rapid analysis and alerts coupled with complete defensible files decreases the closeout time for claims by 80% 

Flag & Analyze Claims

Our  AI engine can identify problematic  claims and output predictions and  within 24-48 hours if ingestion.  

ML claims 

AI + BI=Predictive Analytics

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and our Business Intelligence to provide robust predictive analytics on Workers’ Comp and General Liability Claims. Our Core engine is able to uncover complex patterns, trends, and correlations that otherwise would go unnoticed. Our Claims Predictor gives claims specialist, TPA’s, and other stakeholders in the claims lifecycle process the tools and insights they need to reduce the overall claim cost for their organization.

ML Score

Expand Your Business 

Use AI to identify variables to project future site risk.
supports underwriting decisions, rendition and new client proposals Mobotory A.I. Engine Evaluates Hundreds of Variables to Identify the Sites with High Correlation to Risk.  Data are used by carriers for risk allocation, reserve analysis, future loss assumptions, and rates/premiums.

Multi-Platform Incident Capture

Mobotory saves companies over 20%+ of current costs through the use of data science, mobile technology and artificial intelligence. MIC integrates your people, process and data into a single unifying & interactive platform.

Mobile Application

We have a secure, scalable, user-friendly, platform for Android, iOS or mobile responsive web browser. 

Customizable Forms

Digitize Your Workman Comp State forms as well as customize information transmitted to various internal stakeholders or external integration with carriers, TPAs or brokers. 

Stakeholder Notification 

Establishes reporting system which provides real-time communication and flow of information from the business location to all stakeholders.

Risk Mitigation

Identify and track risks and issues in the workplace environment, including equipment, property and covid-19 related prevention tasks. 

Documentation Management

Digitize documents by directly capturing and ingesting photos, videos, audio and text for a complete defensible file.  Daily activity reports and training documents can be included in the application. 

“Data is what you need to do analytics. Information is what you need to do business.”

John Owen

"“Mobotory’s claim cost prediction product is a game-changer—nobody else can do this analysis.”

Insurance Industry Executive

The Mobotory Difference 

We empower you with a competitive advantage

The Mobotory Difference: We employ true Machine Learning algorithms of many types: cluster, neural net, random/boosted decision trees, etc…. Our capability and knowledgeably compare the effectiveness of various algorithms for different situations. Moreover, we bring a level of probabilistic analysis and methodologies into our algorithms which is unachievable by most other “true” ML/AI outfits because they lack any truly deep mathematical capabilities, instead relying on black-box applications of standard Python or R ML/AI libraries.