Our data predictor is a dynamic analytical infrastructure using algorithms and machine learning (AI) to identify and predict probable problematic claims for potentially high loss, excessive litigation or other claim component cost.  


Groundbreaking Approach to Risk Mitigation

We move client workflows from traditional analog methodologies to mobile, cloud-based operations. We apply machine learning and statistical modeling methods onto client data, then integrate it with external data sources. We discover trends and turn data into insights.

Reducing workers’ compensation claim costs

With our mobile claims intake device (MIC), employers can report claims directly to a mobile device, establishing an incident-reporting system which provides real-time communication and flow of information from the business location to all stakeholders. Building better legal defense files reduces lawsuits and problems down the road.

Spotting general liability claims before they occur

Our claims predictor instantly discovers hidden, geographically-specific correlations that would escape even the most seasoned expert. Think of it as your machine-learning assistant, arming you with the knowledge to make powerful predictions.

All in one place

Don’t get lost in paperwork. Our cloud-based application lets you record and edit incidents directly onto a smartphone or tablet. From this single unifying platform, you can track and collect data from staff, vendors, materials, inventory, customers, and incidents. Real-time flow of information allows you to proactively manage risks, resolve issues faster, and get everyone on the same page.