Multi-platform Incident Capture

MIC Reducing Costs  for Workers’ Compensation and General Liability

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Key Elements


  • Improves favorable claim outcomes
  • Uses AI to improve claim mitigation
  • Flags problematic & fraudulent claims



  • Adheres to individual state laws & forms
  • Can be modified to company protocols
  • Nurse triage process integrated into app

Reduce Costs

  • Builds complete defensible files
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Output information onto multiple forms

In-Field Data Collection

  • Application for smartphones & tablets

  • Captures witness statements, photos, videos

Workers' Comp

MIC for Workers’ Compensation takes the heavy lifting out of reporting an incident and filing a claim. MIC auto-generates state-specific first report of injury (FROI) forms and sends them directly to your adjusters. MIC automatically pulls all HR and payroll information and adds it to the incident file so all your team has to do is focus on the incident investigation. Mobotory can provide an optional third-party video nurse triage service, making sure your employees seek the proper medical care for their injuries. The real power of MIC comes from plugging the collected data into our machine learning and artificial intelligence engine. Through our analytics, we are able to predict problematic, fraudulent, and litigated claims in real-time.


  • Time and date
  • Geo-tags incident
  • Photos, videos and witness statements
  • Signature, if there is a workers’ compensation claim


  • Employee info from payroll
  • Insurance information and plan
  • Location of incident and business

Complete & Send

  • Forms sent to the adjuster, third party administrators
  • Alerts owner-operator of new incidents
  • Employee copy of filled FROI form with their notice of rights

General Liability

MIC for General Liability allows your business to take a proactive approach in the unpredictable world of General Liability. At the time of a GL incident, MIC provides a simple and quick way of completing the incident investigation report. A full defense file is created including, photos, videos, and audio statements. Arming yourself with a complete defensible file is only part of the equation. Mobotory combines the incident file with external data and plugs it into our machine learning and artificial intelligence engine to give you a look into the future. Our engine is able to predict problematic claims providing you with the likelihood of representation, the likelihood of litigation, and the total claim cost. As updates in the claim evolve our engine will automatically adjust the results. This allows your business to better manage claims head-on from day 1 before they become too costly. 

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning is the process of automatically discovering patterns in data. Once identified, a pattern can be used to make predictions.  A main driver of innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applies machine learning to guide actions and decisions towards the best outcome. AI acts based on its experiences, it also learns from interactions to suggest  & complete new tasks.

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