Machine Learning: The Backbone of Mobotory

Unifying Data with AI

We integrate data in real-time from our mobile in-field reporting apps with historical claims data. Our core engine applies 50+ external third-party data points and runs it through our AI/ML algorithms. Our core engine assigns levels of probabilities and adapts to the changing conditions of open claims, bringing you the most accurate and up to date predictions. 

Predicting Liability
With the combination of internal data sets & external data factors, our AI/ML engine predicts liability with precision accuracy, giving underwriters, TPA’s, and owner/operators the tools to best manage their risk.

Preventing Liability

A better understanding of your data through our AI/ML engine allows for behavioral changes to be made in your workplace. Better behavior equals lower risk.

True Risk Scoring
Discover unrecognized risk factors specific to each individual store through our AI/ML engine for more accurate underwriting that matches the true exposure of your risk.

Why Artificial Intelligence

Mobotory’s platform of products revolves around our core engine bringing you all the benefits of AI/ML to your data, empowering you with a competitive advantage.

Data Breakthroughs

AI/ML is comprised of sophisticated mathematical models that are more precise in their analysis than humans, bringing a whole new level of understanding of your data.

Boost Efficiency

AI/ML has the ability to learn, reason, and adapt to new information, amplifying the capabilities of your team.

Reduce Cost

AI/ML can spot correlations in data that will bring new insights for best practices in claims management, underwriting, and behaviors for your workforce resulting in significant cost savings.
Our Core Engine
Our Products

Intake – Monitor – Manage

MIC- Incident Reporting
The future for reporting Workers’ Compensation and General Liability claims.

Mobile Intake of Claims

Underwriting Risk Assessment
Underwrite smarter to match the locations true risk exposure.
Claims Predictor
The crystal ball for risk & claims management.  It anticipates liability at every stage of a claim.
TRAC- Track Risks
Lower risk with premptive property inspections.

Tracking risk and compliance- Coming Soon…..

At Mobotory, we understand that the value of our complex tool is to create simple solutions. Contact us to see how we can help your business further its goals.

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